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Using Wi-Fi Download

About Wi-Fi Download:

Wi-Fi Phone to Computer

Wi-Fi Download is is a feature that allows you to transfer your recordings from iRecorder to any computer, wirelessly, as long as your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. (important to note, Wi-Fi and not 3G or edge). This is done without any setup or software to install and essentially can be done very simply through any web browser. Wi-Fi download makes a direct connection from your computer to your iPhone, so there are no privacy concerns, or third party servers involved.

How to use Wi-Fi Download:

  1. Launch iRecorder on your device
  2. Select the download button in the upper left toolbar.

    Note: You must keep the Wi-Fi Download screen on the entire time you are transferring recordings to your computer.

  3. Open your web browser on your computer.
  4. Enter the web address iRecorder gives to you on the Wi-Fi Download screen on your device
  5. You will get a webpage in your browser with a list of your recordings
  6. Right click on the file name to save the recording to your computer