Boxing Timer Pro Support

Settings Guide

About Presets: Boxing Timer Pro has six built in presets you can toggle between by pressing the preset button. When you change any setting, you are modifying the active preset. All settings, including all time, sound, and music settings apply to the active preset.
RoundsSelect to set the number of rounds in your session. The number of rounds determines how many times the round/rest set is repeated in your session.
Repeat ModeRepeat mode repeats rounds infinitely until you stop your session. To set Boxing Timer Pro in repeat mode, set the number of rounds to 0. Note: When in repeat mode, the total time counts up instead of down.
Prepare TimeSelect to set prepare time. Prepare time is the time before your session begins.
Round TimeSelect to set round time. Round time is the active time in your session.
Warning TimeSelect to set warning time. Warning time is the amount of time from the end of round time to give a warning that the round is about to end.
Rest TimeSelect to set rest time. Rest time is the inactive amount of time between rounds.
Final RestTurn off to skip the final rest period in your session.
Settings Tap to access the settings screen.
Sound On/Off Tap to toggle between sound on and off.
Sound Volume Slide the slider to increase/decrease alert sounds.
Blink Turn on to flash screen for a few seconds when the session transitions between phases, and while in warning phase.
Workout DJWorkout DJ automatically plays music during your session. For more information on how to use Workout DJ see: Using Workout DJ
Start SoundThe sound to play at the start of each round.
Warning SoundThe sound to play at the specified warning time (the warning that the round is about to end.)
Rest SoundThe sound to play when the round is over, and it is time to rest.
Final SoundThe sound to play at the beginning and end of the final round.
Countdown SoundWhen on the timer plays a short alert whistle when your round or rest phase is near its end. This sound is played at the 3,2, & 1 second mark.
VibrationTurn on to also receive a vibration of the device when alert sounds play (Available on iPhone only)