Meditate vs. Meditator

Some customers ask us the difference between Meditate and Meditator meditation timers. These are both good products, but have different designs and features. If you're trying to decide which one is right for you, we've made this article for you to help you decide.

Features shared by both products

  1. High quality authentic meditation bowl chimes that are amazing! These chimes are available for in app purchase.
  2. Programmable meditation presets allow you easily recall your routine
  3. Each preset has custom sound settings
  4. Sound settings include, Vibration on/off, Sound on/off, Start, End, and Interval chime
  5. Set the number if times for start, interval, and end chime (1,2, or 3 times)
  6. Preparation time setting
  7. Periodic interval setting alert to divide your session
  8. Play your iPod media in background
  9. Pause and restart your session (if interrupted with call etc. session is paused automatically)
  10. Silence switch mutes all other phone sounds but not the meditation timer.
  11. Advanced engineering to preserve your battery life, and handle interruptions intelligently.
  12. In app support and documentation.

Unique Meditate Features

  1. Meditate has a an elegant glass UI design with amazing natural backgrounds that many users love.
  2. Increments of time can be set in 1 min increments. (or seconds in fine increment mode)
  3. Has a cool down setting.
  4. Tracks meditation statistics.
  5. You can choose to keep iphone screen on during meditation if you want.
  6. You can choose to hide the time.

Unique Meditator Features

  1. Add ambiance to your meditation (optional) Forest, Ocean, River, Storm.
  2. Additional chimes: Flute, Monk, Thunder Mix well with the ambiance to create subtle soundscapes for you to meditate with.