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Boxing Timer Pro 1

Boxing Timer Pro 1.4 [Coming Soon]
  • [FIXED] : If Workout DJ is off timer no longer pauses music
  • [FIXED] : Music playing when Workout DJ is off
  • [FIXED] : No sounds after interruption
  • [ADDED] : Support for iPhone 5
Boxing Timer Pro 1.3 09/18/2011
  • [ADDED] : Increased max rounds to 48
  • [IMPROVED] : Performance starting music
  • [FIXED] : Minor bug fixes
Boxing Timer Pro 1.2 08/01/2011
  • [UPDATED] : The stop/start button now pauses and resumes your session.
  • [UPDATED] : A reset button replaces the old pause button.
  • [UPDATED] : Skip final rest is now on by default
  • [ADDED] : Three additional presets have been added.
  • [IMPROVED] : If a phone call comes in while the timer is running, the session is paused while you are on the call, and resumed when the call ends. This will avoid Workout DJ playing music during your phone conversation. If you ignore the call the timer will continue when the phone stops ringing.
  • [IMPROVED] : UI improvements
  • [FIXED] : app was stopping music from iPod, or third party apps. You can now play iPod, or other popular third party music apps in the background while using the timer.

Boxing Timer Pro 1.0 [Released 05/2011]