DatePlus - Date Calculator app for iPhone and iOS

Date Calculator for iOS.

Quickly calculate dates.DatePlus works just like a real calculator, making it fast to calculate any date. Just set a starting date to add or subtract any number of days, weeks, months, or years from it.

Example: to calculate five weeks from today, you press: [today] [+] [5] [weeks] [=]

Use the result to:

  • start another calculation
  • bookmark the result and set an alarm
  • copy and paste into another app
  • send it to an e-mail address
  • search the date on Wolfram Alpha
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DatePlus calculate duration

Calculate duration.

Use the DatePlus duration calculation feature to easily calculate durations. Set a left and right date, and the duration between the two dates is displayed in the center. Tap the result to display it as days, weeks, months, or years.

DatePlus bookmarks

Bookmark dates.

Bookmark any date to track it in the DatePlus bookmarks list.

Bookmarks are automatically listed in chronological order. If a date is in the past the calendar page even turns gray!

You can even load bookmarks back in to the calculator to use as a starting date for another calculation.

DatePlus alarms and push notifications

Set alarms.

Never forget an important upcoming event with the DateAlert alarms and push notification feature.

Set alarms for any bookmarked date from one month to five minutes before the event.

Date search

Search to find historical facts, observances, daylight and moon information.

Search dates with DatePlus Wolfram search

Copy and paste

Copy and paste results as dates, or as text to other apps.

DatePlus, Copy and Paste dates

Share dates

E-mail dates to others, even including an iCal file attachment!

DatePlus, Share Dates