DateAlert - Reminder app for iPhone and iPod touch

Date tracking and alerts.

All your upcoming events in one easy place. DateAlert is an event tracking and reminder app for when you want to simplify your calendar, or track specific events separately from your main calendar.

Enter and track all of your important events in one easy place.

Know at a glance how many days until your next event, or how many days since an event with DateAlert's date countdown.

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DateAlert, event entry.

Quick event entry.

Easily enter your events into DateAlerts event entry screen.

Here you can also enter notes, set an alarm, and share the event.

DateAlert, Alarms and push notification.

Set alarms.

Never forget an important upcoming event with the alarms and push notification feature.

Set alarms from one month to five minutes before an event, or set an alarm at any specific date.

Alarm sounds

Choose the alarm sound you want.

DateAlert Alert Sounds

Keep notes

Keep important notes or reminders associated with an event.

DateAlert Event Notes

E-mail events

E-mail events to others including an iCal file attachment.

DateAlert, Share Events